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Does hunger and satiety drive eating anymore? Increasing eating occasions and decreasing time between eating occasions in the United States

Radhouane Haj Sassi, Wajdi Dardouri, Mohamed Haj Yahmed, Nabil Gmada, Mohamed Elhedi,Mahfoughi and Zied Gharbi

Purpose: Evaluate the reliability of a modified agility T-test (MAT) and to examine its relationship to the free counter-movement jump and the 10-meter straight sprint.

Conclusions: The MAT is a reliable test to assess agility. The weak relationship between MAT and strength and straight speed suggests that agility requires other determinants of performance as coordination.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: Specificity is evident here. The modified agility test (MAT) can be used to assess agility since it is a test of agility. However, because counter-movement jumps (vertical jumps) and straight-line sprinting are different events, the MAT cannot be used to assess ability in them.

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