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Cardio respiratory and Metabolic Alterations During Exercise and Passive Recovery After Three Modes of Exercise

Athanasios Mandroukas, Jan Heller, Thomas I. Metaxas, Thomas Sendelides, Cheistos Riganas, Efstratio Vamvakoudis, Kosmas Christoulas, Stefanidis Panagiotos Stefanidis, Vasilis Karagiannis, Antonios Vasilis & Konstantinos Mandroukas

Purpose: To investigate the potential variations in cardiorespiratory and metabolic parameters and running performance among 3 modes of exercise of the same duration, namely, intermittent running with active recovery (AR) or passive recovery (PR) and continuous running (CR) and whether these variations could affect passive recovery time (PRT).

Conclusions: Intermittent exercise, regardless of implementing passive or active interval, might be the preferable exercise mode particularly in activities extended over 30 minutes.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: Interval-type running can be just as effective – if not more – than conventional continuous running.


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