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The Relationship between Core Stability and Performance in Division I Football Players

Thomas W. Nesser, Kellie C. Huxel, Jeffrey L. Tincher and Tomoko Okada

Purpose: To identify relationships between core stability and various strength and power variables in strength and power athletes.

Conclusions: Core stability is moderately related to strength and performance. Increases in core strength are not going to contribute significantly to strength and power and should not be the focus of strength and conditioning.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: Strength and athletic performance are dependent upon a number of variables, such as one’s genetics, work ethic, skill level, mental focus, nutritional intake, conditioning level and existing muscular strength. Strength training itself should address all the major muscle groups to 1) develop total body strength and 2) safeguard against potential injury. Therefore, working the core muscles is important, but should not be over-emphasized at the expense of other important muscles.

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