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The Effects of Treadmill Sprint Training and Resistance Training on Maximal Running Velocity and Power

Ryan E. Ross, Nicholas A. Ratamess, Jay R. Hoffman, Avery D. Faigenbaum, Jie Kang and Aristomen Chilakos

Purpose: To examine the independent and combined effects of resistance and treadmill sprint training on maximal sprint velocity and power.

Conclusions: 30 meter sprint times improved significantly only in the combined sprint and resistance training (SRT) group, and a trend for improvement was observed in the sprint training-only (ST) group. All groups (resistance training-only [RT] included) significantly increased treadmill sprint velocity. However, the SRT and ST groups increased significantly more than RT. Only the SRT group increased treadmill sprint peak power. All training groups increased 1RM squat strength significantly with no differences observed between groups.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: To improve sprint ability on a treadmill, practice sprinting on a treadmill. To further improve the ability to sprint on a treadmill, incorporate strength training exercises.

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