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The Effect of Heavy- vs. Moderate-Load Training on the Development of Strength, Power, and Throwing Ball Velocity in Male Handball Players

Souhail Hermassi, Mohamed Souhaiel Chelly, Mourad Fathloun, and Roy J. Shephard

Purpose: To compare the effect of 2 different 10-week resistance training programs on the peak power (PP) output, muscle volume, strength, and throwing velocity of the upper limbs in handball players during the competitive season.

Conclusions: Both heavy and moderate resistance bench press and pullover training programs enhanced absolute PP relative to the control group. The heavy resistance training program increased both throwing velocity with and without a run up. The moderate resistance training program only increased throwing velocity with a run up.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: Heavier and consequently slower-moving resistance training can be used to increase throwing velocity of handball players.


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