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The Effect of Abdominal Exercise on Abdominal Fat

Sachin Vispute, John Smith, James LeCheminant and Kimberly Hurley

Purpose: To investigate the effect of abdominal exercises on abdominal fat. An abdominal exercise group (AG) performed 7 abdominal exercises, for 2 sets of 10 repetitions, on 5 d·wk−1 for 6 weeks. A control group (CG) received no intervention, and all participants maintained an isocaloric diet throughout the study.

Conclusions: Six weeks of abdominal exercise training alone was not sufficient to reduce abdominal subcutaneous fat and other measures of body composition.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: It is embarrassing millions of people part with their hard-earned cash by purchasing worthless infomercial abdominal devices in the attempt to secure that elusive "six-pack."

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