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The Effect of a Low Carbohydrate Beverage with Added Protein on Cycling Endurance Performance in Trained Athletes

Lisa Ferguson-Stegall, Erin L. McCleave, Zhenping Ding, Lynne M. Kammer, Bei Wang, Phillip G. Doerner, Yang Liu, and John L. Ivy

Purpose: To determine if a supplement containing a mixture of different carbohydrates (CHO) (glucose, maltodextrin, and fructose) and a moderate amount of protein given during endurance exercise would increase time to exhaustion (TTE), despite containing 50% less total carbohydrate than carbohydrate-only supplement.

Conclusions: Compared to a traditional 6% CHO supplement, a mixture of carbohydrates plus a moderate amount of protein can improve aerobic endurance at exercise intensities near the ventilator threshold, despite containing lower total carbohydrate and caloric content.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: A supplement containing a mixture of 3% CHO and 1.2% protein can increase TTE as compared to traditional 6% CHO-only supplements.

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