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Relative and Absolute Reliability of a Modified Agility T-Test and its Relationship With Vertical Jump and Straight Sprint

Radhouane Haj Sassi, Wajdi Dardouri, Mohamed Haj Yahmed, Nabil Gmada, Mohamed Elhedi,Mahfoughi and Zied Gharbi

Purpose: Evaluate the reliability of a modified agility T-test (MAT) and to examine its relationship to the free counter-movement jump and the 10-meter straight sprint.

Conclusions: The MAT is a reliable test to assess agility. The weak relationship between MAT and strength and straight speed suggests that agility requires other determinants of performance as coordination.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: Specificity is evident here. The modified agility test (MAT) can be used to assess agility since it is a test of agility. However, because counter-movement jumps (vertical jumps) and straight-line sprinting are different events, the MAT cannot be used to assess ability in them.

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