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Relationship of a 1 Repetition Maximum Lat-Pull to Pull-Up and Lat-Pull Repetitions in Elite Collegiate Women Swimmers

Kristin A. Halet, Jerry L Mayhew, Colleen Murphy and Joe Fanthorpe.

Purpose: Determine relationship among pull-ups, lat-pull repetitions, and 1-repetition maximum (1RM) lat-pull in elite women swimmers and to assess the effect of various anthropometric dimensions on each exercise.

Conclusions: The results confirmed that the seemingly analogous exercises of pull-ups and lat-pulls were not highly related and should not be substituted for one another in a training regimen.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: Although pull-ups and lat-pulls are excellent exercises for the back musculature, body weight used in pull-ups compared to resistances used in the lat-pulls cannot be compare due to body weights and arm lengths. Therefore, when doing each exercise, work as hard as one can within the resistance/repetition scheme used in that workout.

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