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Post activation Performance Enhancement of Concentric Bench Press Throw After Eccentric-Only Conditioning Exercise

Krzysztofik, Michal; Wilk, Michal; Lockie, Robert G.; Golas, Artur; Zajac, Adam; Bogdanis, Gregory C.

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research: August 2022 - Volume 36 - Issue 8 - p 2077-2081, doi: 10.1519/JSC.0000000000003802


To examine changes in power output and bar velocity in the concentric-only bench press throw (CONONLY) after 2 sets of eccentric-only bench press exercises (ECCONLY) at 2 supramaximal loads.


13 strength-trained men participated in this study:

Age = 25.7 years.

Body weight = 208.5 lbs./94.8 kg.

Concentric 1-RM = 323 lbs./147 kg.

Strength training experience = 6.5 years.

performed 2 sets of 2 reps of the bench press with a 5:00 rest between sets in the ECCONLY mode with 110% or 130% of their concentric 1RM load.

The 1 rep of the CONONLY bench press throw used a load of 30% 1-RM and was performed before and 5:00 after the 2 x 2 ECCONLY event to assess changes in peak power (PP) and peak velocity (PV).

The differences between the analyzed variables before and after the CA were determined using a 2-way repeated measures analysis of variance.


NOTE: The immediate increase in power output and velocity of movement during and directly after a strength training exercise is called post activation performance enhancement (PAPE). That phenomenon occurs due to:

1. An increase in muscle temperature.

2. Temporary changes in the intramuscular metabolic environment.

3. Muscle architecture and enhanced neural drive.

The PP increased by 10.5% and 9.9% for the 110 and 130% of concentric 1-RM conditions, respectively, with no difference between the 2 conditions.

The PV increased by 5.9% and 6.1% for the 110 and 130% of concentric 1-RM conditions, respectively, also with no difference between the 2 conditions.

They concluded that activation with an ECCONLY contraction and loads exceeding 1RM are effective at improving power output and bar velocity during the CONONLY bench press throw.


Post activation performance enhancement (PAPE) occurred – THUS INCREASING BAR SPEED - when doing light (30% 1-RM) bench press throws following ultra-heavy (110% and 130% 1-RM) eccentric/lowering sets in the same workout session.

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