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Nonlinear Periodization Maximizes Strength Gains in Split Resistance Training Routines

Arthur G. Monteiro, Marcelo S, Aoki, Alexandre L. Evangelista, Daniel A. Alveno, Gizele A. Monteiro, Ivan da Cruz Picarro, and Carlos Ugrinowitsch

Purpose: Compare strength gains after 12 weeks of nonperiodized (NP), linear periodized (LP), and nonlinear periodized (NLP) resistance training models using split training routines.

Conclusions: Although all groups showed increases over 8 weeks of training, the NLP was more effective in increasing both upper- and lower-body strength (leg press and bench press) for trained subjects using split routines over 12 weeks.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: Varied resistance and repetitions schemes are effective for continued strength gains over long training periods.

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