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Maximal Heart Rate Prediction in Adults that Are Overweight or Obese

Shawn Franckowiak, Devon Dobrosielski, Suzanne Reilley, Jeremy Walston and Ross Andersen

Purpose: To examine the accuracy of 3 equations for predicting MHR in adults that are overweight or obese.

Conclusions: The equation, 200−0.48 × age estimated MHR to be 178 ± 4 b·min−1, which was greater than the actual value (175 ± 12, p = 0.005). Prediction equations showed close agreement to actual MHR, with 208 − 0.7 × age being the most accurate.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: For overweight clients, use the formula 208- 0.7 x age to determine maximal heart rate.

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