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Effects of Unstable Surface Training on Measures of Balance in Older Adults

Brian K. Schilling, Michael J. Falvo, Robyn E. Karlage, Lawrence W. Weiss, Corey A. Lohnes and Loren Z. f. Chiu.

Purpose: To examine the effects of a 5-week, low-cost unstable surface balance training program in sexagenarians (people in their 60’s).

Conclusions: Because no objective measures of balance or function was changed, the increase in athletic-specific balance may be spurious. Unstable surface training may not be effective in improving balance among persons for whom balance is not problematic.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: With all the hype on balance and stability training – and its purported benefit for improving one’s balance and stability in other activities – no specific transfer from general balance exercises to a specific event was not noted. Therefore, to become better at balancing and remaining stable in a specific activity or situation, practice that event or situation.

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