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Effects of Reduced Training and Detraining on Upper and Lower Body Explosive Strength in Adolescent male Basketball Players

Eduardo J.A.M. Santos and Manuel A.A.S. Janeira

Purpose: To assess and compare the effects of detraining (no training) and of a reduced training (lower volume) program on upper- and lower-body explosive strength in adolescent male basketball players.

Conclusions: 16 weeks of detraining or of reduced training allow for the maintenance of the gains previously achieved by the application of a 10-week in season complex training program. However, the lack of differences between detraining and reduced training leads to the conclusion that regular basketball practice can sustain by itself the previously achieved explosive strength gains, considering its mainly explosive characteristics.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: Specificity is evident here. Provided one engages in his/her sport practice – in this case basketball practice that, by nature, entails explosive, quick-burst efforts – the quality of explosive strength addressed in a 10-week planned training program can be maintained after 16 weeks of minimal or no training. Therefore, playing and/or practicing a sport can go along way toward keeping one prepared for that sport.

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