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Effect of Different Rest Intervals after Whole-Body Vibration on Vertical Jump Performance

Dabbs, Nicole; Muñoz, Colleen; Tran, Tai; Brown, Lee ; Bottaro, Martim

Purpose: To evaluate the effect of different rest intervals after whole body vibration (WBV) on vertical jump (VJ) performance.

Conclusions: There were no significant (p > 0.05) differences in peak velocity or relative ground reaction force after WBV rest intervals. However, results of VJ height revealed that maximum values, regardless of rest interval (56.93 ± 13.98 cm), were significantly (p < 0.05) greater than the control condition (54.44 ± 13.74 cm). Therefore, subjects' VJ height potentiated at different times after WBV suggesting strong individual differences in optimal rest interval. Coaches may use WBV to enhance acute VJ performance but should first identify each individual's optimal rest time to maximize the potentiating effects.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: Here we go again. WBV may have some virtues, but in practical terms, how do you apply it WITH MEASURABLE RESULTS? Do we roll out the WBV device behind the bench at athletic contests and have the athletes use it during a contest? And at what point do we implement it? 4th quarter?...8th inning? 2nd half? Semi-finals? After all, it offers acute (short-term) benefits, so where, strategically, do you utilize it to obtain the miniscule purported benefits?.

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