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Dead Lift Muscle Force and Activation under Stable and Unstable Conditions

Ivan Chulvi-Medrano, Xavier Garcia-Masso, Juan C. Colado, Carlos Pablos, Joao Alves De Moraes, and Maria A. Fuster

Purpose: To compare the production of force and paraspinal muscle activity between dead lifts carried out in a standard way and with different instability devices (Bosu and T-Bow).

Conclusions: The use of instability devices in dead lift training does not increase performance, nor does it provide greater activation of the paraspinal muscles leading us to question their value in the performance of other types of exercises.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: Whether it is a dead lift or any other exercise, do not perform them on some ridiculously over-hyped unstable/balance device. Not only will you get more from the exercise, you will also be doing it in a safer manner.

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