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Creatine Kinase and lactate Dehydrogenase Responses after Upper-Body Resistance Exercise with Different Rest Intervals

Bernardo M. Rodrugues, Estelio Dantas, Belmiro Freits De Salles, Humberto Miranda, Alexander J. Koch, Jefffrey M Willardson and Roberto Simao

Purpose: To compare serum creatine kinase (CK) and lactate deydrogenase (LDH) concentrations at multiple time points after resistance exercise sessions that incorporated different rest intervals (1 or 3-minutes) between sets and exercises (3 sets with 80% of a 1-RM on five exercises).

Conclusions: Muscle damage was similar between rest intervals; however, the volume and load completed to induce the muscle damage was significantly greater when 3-minute rest intervals were employed. Therefore, when considered relative to the volume completed, 1-minute rest intervals during resistance exercise may invoke greater muscle damage.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: Various rest intervals between sets and exercises can be used, but for the sake of time-efficiency, shorter rest intervals can be effective..

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