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Comparisons of Peak Ground Reaction Force and Rate of Force Development during Variations of the Power Clean

Paul Comfort, Mark Paul and Phillip Graham

Purpose: To determine the differences in vertical ground reaction forces and rate of force development (RFD) during variations of the power clean. Elite rugby league players (n = 11; age 21 ± 1.63 years; height 181.56 ± 2.61 cm; body mass 93.65 ± 6.84 kg) performed 1 set of 3 repetitions of the power clean, hang-power clean, mid-thigh power clean, or mid-thigh clean pull, using 60% of 1-repetition maximum power clean, in a randomized order, while standing on a force platform.

Conclusions: The mid-thigh power clean and the mid-thigh clean pull also demonstrated significantly greater instantaneous RFD when compared to both the power clean and the hang-power clean.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: Due to better biomechanical leverage, of course any mid-thigh pull will generate more Rate of Force Development as opposed to a pull from a lower position.


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