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Comparing Preseason Frontal and Sagittal Plane Plyometric Programs on Vertical Jump Height in High School Basketball Players

Jeffrey A. King and Daniel J. Ciprinai

Purpose: To evaluate frontal plane (FP) plyometrics, which are defined as plyometrics dominated with a lateral component, would produce similar increases in vertical jump height (VJH) compared to sagittal plane (SP) plyometrics.

Conclusions: FP plyometric training did not have a significant effect on VJH and significant improvement in VJH was seen in subjects participating in SP plyometrics thus reinforcing the specificity principle of training.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: SP plyometrics (e.g., forward/backward jumping movements are specific to a conventional vertical jump as compared to FP plyometrics (e.g., lateral jumps, jumping jacks) and thus have a greater impact on improving VJH.

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