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Analysis of Factors That Influence the Maximum Number of Repetitions in Two Upper-Body Resistance Exercises: Curl Biceps and Bench Press

Eliseo Iglesias, Daniel A. Boullosa, Xurxo Dopic and Eduardo Carballeira

Purpose: To analyze the influence of exercise type, set configuration and relative intensity load on relationship between 1 repetition maximum (RM) and maximum number of repetitions (MNR).

Conclusions: Correlation between 1RM and MNR was significant for medium-intensity in biceps curl and between MNR and 1RM/body mass. Neither 1RM nor 1RM/bodymass correlated with velocity along a set, so velocity seems to be similar at the same relative intensity for subjects with differences in maximum strength levels. From our results, we suggest the employment of MNR rather than % of 1RM for training monitoring.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: A wide variation exists on the number of repetitions possible with different percentages of 1RM when training to muscular fatigue. Therefore, it is simply more accurate to focus on resistances used and repetitions achieved as opposed to assigning a specific repetition number to a specific percentage of 1RM..

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