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A Biomechanical Analysis of Straight and Hexagonal Barbell Deadlifts Using Submaximal Loads

Paul Swinton, Arthur Stewart, Ioannis Agouris, Justin Keogh and Ray Lloyd

Purpose: To compare the kinematics and kinetics of the deadlift performed with 2 distinct barbells across a range of submaximal loads. Nineteen male Powerlifters performed the deadlift with a conventional straight barbell (SBD) and a hexagonal (HBD - Trap Bar) barbell that allowed the lifter to stand within its frame.

Conclusions: The enhanced mechanical stimulus obtained with the hexagonal barbell suggests that in general the HBD is a more effective exercise than the SBD.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: Perform the dead lift exercise with a hexagonal/trap bar for a safer and better result (unless you are a competitive Powerlifter).

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