The Ultimate Interval and Circuit Training Manual (Second Edition) (Code: )

Price: $ 44.95
Author: Tom Kelso
Length: 396 Pages
Published: 2015
Format: Print & E-book
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This new edition offers a total of 588 interval workouts (60 more than the first edition) plus several new features including sections on circuit training (with a total of 170 circuit workouts, including large group and minimal equipment circuits) and a comprehensive exercise catalog with 875 exercises. The sport-specific interval runs include all target and recovery time calculations. Simply select the appropriate running venue, interval distance, and level of difficulty. Also included are interval venue diagrams and descriptions, percentage speed charts, and recovery time charts. Circuit training exercise, work period, rest period, and total volume options are offered in numerous pre-set options. Large format with hundreds of clear, easy-to-read and apply charts. ---------------------------- AVAILABLE AT COACHES CHOICE: AVAILABLE AT COACHES CHOICE: