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See sample workouts                                                  See sample workouts                   

* 528 Interval Options - 264 pages.

* A comprehensive collection of sport-specific interval runs that can help coaches of any sport take
   advantage of the innumerable benefits of sound interval training.

* Includes all target and recovery time calculations, along with a progressive plan and weekly training

* Introduction to interval training, and covers administering pre-established interval training workouts,
   altering/designing new workouts, progressive training, and features a comprehensive interval workout

* Includes interval venue diagrams and descriptions, percentage speed charts, recovery time charts,
   sample workout recording forms, and more.

* Large format with hundreds of clear, easy-to-read and apply charts.


* 90 pages with accompanying CD ROM.

* Chapter 1, Selecting Workouts - Contains the basic instructions on how to read and utilize the
   CD-ROM files.

* Chapter 2, Creating a Personalized Workout - Contains a short and long method and instructions for
   setting up a workout plan.

* Chapter 3, Workout Catalog - Contains the entire CD-ROM catalog for quick viewing.

* The CD-ROM that accompanies this book contains over 2,500 Microsoft Excel® workout
   spreadsheets for the avid trainer, strength coach, personal trainer, or anyone needing specific
   workout guidelines.

* If you can t find exactly what you are looking for, simply tweak a workout by substituting an exercise
   or altering the number of repetitions. * Whatever your goals, time frame, or equipment limitations
   are, the workouts you need can be found on the CD-ROM in a few simple steps.

See Detailed List of All 100 Workouts

See sample workouts

* 40 total-body, 30 upper-body & 30 lower-body workouts.

* Plug in your own exercises based on your training facility.

* Includes detailed workout descriptions and workout recording forms to track your progress.

* Introductory text, complete workout catalog, and a comprehensive list of dozens of exercises.

Comments from those who have purchased 100 of the best...


", what a great resource! You obviously put a lot of work into this project. A ton of workouts that can be used for various goals for both my athlete and non-athlete clientle. I really like the fact you can adapt the workouts to the equipment we have at our facility. I love it!"

Brian Schillig, Personal Trainer, Cleveland, Ohio

"So many workouts to chose from...I will NEVER run out of workout options"

Jeramey MacKillup, Fulham, New South Wales, Australia

"Got the CD, it is awesome! I really like what you have done. I have been showing it to a lot of newer trainers at the gym and recommending your stuff as the ultimate resource for no B.S. information."

Liam “TAKU” Bauer, California Bay Area, strength and conditioning coach and fitness consultant, co-founder of Hybrid Fitness

"Tom Kelso left no stone unturned in his detailed manual, 100 of the Best Strength Training Workouts as he took all the guess work out of establishing a dynamic approach for progression. Whether you've been training for 50 days or 50 years you can't go wrong investing in this one-of-kind program!"

Fred Fornicola, Asbury Park, New Jersey,  Premiere Personal Fitness



See 25 Kick-Butt Workouts list
See sample workouts


85 WORKOUTS of the WEEK  - $5.00

See 85 Workouts list
See sample workouts

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